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New way of building


The sustainable and affordable way of building houses

Block solutions Oy is a Finland-based company who has developed environmentally friendly block-modules. The Block-modules are used for building sustainable and safe homes for people all around the world, thus fostering local well-being

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School project in Indonesia

The great and rewarding construction project in Indonesia, on the island of Lombok!

Cost-efficient, modular, fast, modifiable and sustainable


The carbon footprint of the product is close to zero: the material used is ecological biocomposite, which contains wood fiber as a by-product of the forest industry.
The modularly built houses are affordable and durable. They can be set up quickly with just a few tools. They can also be dismantled and rebuilt.
The company is committed to promoting equality and building a better world in a responsible and environmentally friendly manner. The company´s core values include that at least half of the workers are female.



As our licensee partner you will have a chance for a profitable, sustainable and environmentally friendly business.

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Thanks to the innovative material, production efficiency and building speed, your house is built very cost-efficiently.

Flexible and mobile

Building a Blocks house is very flexible: you can add rooms or expand the house according to your family’s needs. You can also dismantle your house and rebuild it somewhere else.


The key component of Blocks is a sustainable by-product of the forest industry: biocomposite mixed with recyclable, virgin polypropylene with traceable origins.

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